Graduate Mentor Awards


2015 Graduate School Mentor Awards

2014 Graduate School Mentor Awards

For the 15th time, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences honored faculty members for their exemplary qualities as mentors at its Convocation on May 19.

Many dissertation advisers were nominated, and the honorees were chosen by a committee of students and faculty, in coordination with the Graduate Teaching Center. All letters of nomination were anonymous.

The winners and selections from the nomination letters follow:

Mary Lui (Humanities)

Professor of American Studies and History

“She systematically creates spaces for an engaged intellectual community to flourish.”

“As I think about making the transition from graduate student to assistant professor next year, Mary is the person and scholar I most want to emulate. If I can impact even one graduate student in the same way she has impacted me, I will consider that to be the greatest professional accomplishment.”

“She has taught me not only how to be a better scholar, but her personal and intellectual generosity serves as a model for the kind of teacher and colleague that I strive to become. What good I do as a scholar and teacher, I owe to her example.”

Eric Dufresne (Natural Sciences)

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science, Physics & Cell Biology

“Despite his many obligations he makes time for every student, listens attentively, and encourages the development of each individual’s special talents. He values every student’s present contribution and their future success. His lab is a friendly, welcoming place and the center of an intellectual community that transcends disciplinary boundaries.”

“Without ever sacrificing intellectual rigor, Eric demonstrated that kindness can bring out the best in people.”

“He is both a patient and enthusiastic mentor, in addition to being a dedicated teacher, husband and father. I continue to be impressed with the way Eric can balance the responsibilities of being a graduate mentor with undergraduate and graduate teaching, as well as his family, and now along with being Director of the hugely successful CEID.”

“Eric inspires by example. His infectious enthusiasm for science, knack for creative and elegant solutions and most importantly, his strong work ethic have remarkably influenced my approach and attitude towards scientific research. Eric strongly encourages a culture of curiosity in the lab and instills team spirit from the day one joins the lab.”

Greg Huber (Social Sciences)

Professor of Political Science

“His energy, talent, and constant willingness to lend time and energy to supporting his students is inspiring. When we jointly wrote a paper, I learned so much—not just about good scholarship and creative problem-solving, but also about how to write fluidly and quickly. He’s the model of an excellent researcher.”

“Greg stands out as someone committed to helping students pursue whatever career goals they chose.”

“He provides excellent assistance in regards to strategic choices on research topics and satisfying degree requirements. In addition to being an unbelievably productive scholar and a terrific adviser, Greg has transformed our department as DGS. He’s made sure that students at every level of the program, from new admits to upper years, get the support and the information they need to succeed in grad school.”