Students credit their teachers at Yale with opening their minds and opening doors to new possibilities, with encouraging them in their myriad pursuits, and challenging them to think more critically and to give voice to their ideas and convictions more boldly. On this website, we take a look at just some of the dedicated Yale professors who are being celebrated — either by their own students or beyond — for making an impression in their classrooms or on learning excursions farther afield.

The stories, pictures, and videos offered here are just a glimpse of the ways in which Yale faculty members inspire, influence, and challenge — and, in turn, are moved by — those they teach. 


Teaching Awards

Every year, Yale teachers are honored with University prizes for their outstanding undergraduate and graduate teaching, and some are recognized off the campus for the ways they inspire and encourage their students.

Student Perspectives

For Yale students, their classroom experiences have been pivotal in helping them discover their academic or personal passions and interests. Here’s a look at what students have to say about special classroom moments.


Yale Online

People around the world can share — online — in the Yale classroom experience. One of the most frequently visited of all Yale websites is Open Yale Courses, which allow visitors from around the world to “attend” campus classes online and for free.


Teachers & Teaching

Learn more about the work of Yale teachers in faculty profiles, podcasts, and the “Take 5” Q&A series.


Beyond the Classroom

While much of their time is spent in the classroom, Yale students have some of their most memorable learning experiences further afield: on a field study trip, either far from campus or nearby, or during a semester or summer abroad to pursue research, volunteer, or intern.


Creative Classrooms

Whether using technology in new ways, introducing their students to special library collections, or taking their students on trips abroad for a more personal experience of the subject matter, Yale teachers find creative ways to engage their students.